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  1. The Netherlands

The Netherlands Institute of Marketing (NIMA) is a marketing platform for marketing professionals based in The Netherlands.

NIMA stimulates marketing professionals and offers ways to develop both marketers and the profession more generally.

NIMA organises events and seminars for its 3,000 members and provides marketing, sales, communication and market research qualifications.

The following NIMA qualifications are accredited under the EMCQ Framework.

NIMA QualificationEuropean EMCQ title
NIMA A (Online) Marketing(Online) Marketing Practitioner
(Level 4)
NIMA A SalesSales Practitioner
(Level 4)
NIMA B1 Communicatie ManagerJunior Communication Manager (Level 5)
NIMA Basiskennis CommunicatieJunior Communication Practitioner (Level 3)
NIMA B1 MarketingJunior Marketing Manager (Level 5)
NIMA A CommunicatieCommunication Practitioner (Level 4)
NIMA B Corporate Communicatie / Non-profit/overheidscommunicatie(Corporate) Communication Manager (Level 6)
NIMA Basiskennis (Online) MarketingJunior (Online) Marketing Practitioner (Level 3)
NIMA B Business MarketingMarketing Manager
(Level 6)
NIMA B Customer Insight ManagementMarketing Manager (Level 6)
NIMA B ConsumentenmarketingMarketing Manager
(Level 6)
NIMA B Digital MarketingMarketing Manager (Level 6)
NIMA B SalesSales Manager
(Level 6)
NIMA B MarketingcommunicatieMarketing Communication Manager
(Level 6)
NIMA C MarketingMarketing Director
(Level 7)
NIMA Professional RecognitionEuropean designation
Registered Marketer(EMP) EXPERT MARKETING PROFESSIONAL (level 8)
Senior Marketing Professional (NL)(SMP) Senior Marketing Professional (level 6)
Senior Communication Professional (NL)(SCP) Senior Communication Professional (level 6)
Senior Sales Professional (NL)(SSP) Senior Sales Professional (level 6)
Senior Digital Professional (NL)(SDP) Senior Digital Professional (level 6)