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  1. Switzerland

Swiss Marketing is a Swiss professional association for marketing specialists and executive managers.

It is the established forum for marketing experts in Switzerland and builds on the high level of knowledge and experience of its members.

On behalf of sponsoring associations and the Federal Office for Professional Education and Technology OPET, Swiss Marketing administers Swiss federal professional and higher specialist exams.

The following SMC qualifications are accredited under the EMCQ Framework.

SM QualificationEuropean EMCQ title
Chef de marketing / MarketingleiterMarketing director
(Level 7)
Specialiste en marketing / MarketingfachleuteJunior Marketing Manager (Level 5)
Chef de vente / VerkaufsleiterSales director
(Level 6)
Specialiste en vente / VerkaufsfachleuteJunior Sales Manager
(Level 5)
Dipl. Marketing Manager HFMarketing Manager
(Level 6)