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  1. Malta Institute of Management (MIM)


The Malta Institute of Management (MIM) is a not-for-profit professional body based in Malta, aimed at managers and people aspiring to work in management.

It was formed the same year as Malta’s independence (1964) when a group of visionary men had the foresight to realise the importance of acquiring management and business skills in order to face the challenges globalisation poses to businesses – an issue particularly pertinent in Malta, which has its own set of challenges due to its size and limitations.

A non-political and non-negotiating body with a focus on training and developing management skills, the MIM has been at the forefront of management development and training since it was established.

It is regarded as a focal point for professionals involved in management and other sectors of business and industry.

This reputation has been painstakingly built up over the last 50 plus years by consistently offering training, events, networking, assistance and guidance to our members and the business community in Malta.

Membership benefits: 

We provide our members with access to the following services in a cost effective manner:

  • Focused and effective management trainingand development
  • Up to date, relevant and topical management information
  • Opportunities for sharing ideas and concerns for networking
  • Professional management advice and support

From the outset, the MIM has been pivotal in the management development field. The institute offers and administers a wide spectrum of management educational programmes, ranging from one day seminars to longer, more in-depth qualification courses for all levels.

The MIM provides tangible benefits to its members by offering a blend of unparalleled experience in management business practices – both in Malta and internationally.


As part of its mission to propagate the management profession, and to make sure to provide the members with the correct tools to continuously expand their knowledge, MIM offers several book publications.