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  1. Helping marketers learn through academic research

We’ve discussed a lot in our blogs recently, the importance of standing up for the marketing profession and of constantly educating ourselves, in order to do our profession proud.

But aside from the many (excellent) marketing courses that we provide to our marketing members, how else can we help to spark new ideas and share knowledge?

Here at EMC, we run a knowledge share programme with marketing academics across Europe, where we bring together the latest in marketing research.


We want to share pan-European knowledge about the latest marketing trends so that marketers can keep abreast of how their profession is evolving, and can implement what they’ve learned.

Known as the EMC Academic Group, our marketing professors provide EMC member associations with monthly papers detailing the results of the latest marketing research from across the globe – but before you start to yawn, it’s not the complex, technical research you might think.

We’re a profession (sadly) renowned for its use of jargon, and this is something we proactively avoid in our Academic Group papers.

If our marketers are to learn from technical research, academic research results need to be presented in an appropriate way.

That’s why, for the last four years, our academics have produced monthly articles which translate often complex and technical marketing research, into short, practical articles with practical implications for the everyday marketer.

As a member of EMC, you receive exclusive access to these articles which can then be shared with your own marketing members in your respective countries.

By doing this with current members, from the CIM in the UK, to LIMA in Lithuania, we’re proud to help ensure that marketers benefit from the latest developments not only in their field within their own countries, but from also across the world too.

If you are interested in finding out more about the EMC Academic Group, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

To view an example of the work of our academic group, click here.