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  1. EMCQ Accreditation

There are two type of EMCQ accreditation. One is based on the accreditation of existing qualifications, the other is based on the professional certification of marketers.

Accreditation of existing qualifications

The EMCQ Framework has different levels of qualification which take into account the variety of qualifications that exist across Europe.

Using its learning outcome-based qualification criteria, the EMCQ Framework can be compared and aligned across national boundaries.

By adopting the results and professional mapping carried out under the Leonardo Da Vinci CERCOM project, EMCQ has produced a robust qualifications framework which takes into account recommendations from the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) and other European qualification projects.

To ensure that EMCQ continues to reflect the latest EU regulations and promote the principle of Lifelong Learning (LL), the Framework is reviewed periodically.

Professional Certification

Professional certification provides marketing professionals based across Europe and beyond with the means to compare professional competencies in a transparent way. Once a professional certification is achieved, their level of professional competence and achievement is recorded on the EMCQ Database.

There are four different levels of professional certification including: