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  1. Professor Spiros Gounaris

    Professor Spiros Gounaris Professor of Marketing at University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom

Professor Gounaris has extensive marketing qualifications from Athens University of Economics & Business and the University of Strathclyde, gaining a PhD and MSc in marketing.

His current research interests comprise; services marketing, pricing, exporting, B2B and key account management.

Example Academic Group article: To What Extent Does Service Blueprint Design & Tracking Affect The Consumer End-Service Experience?

Selected publications:

  • Gounaris S. and Boukis A. (2013) “The role of employee job satisfaction in strengthening customer repurchase intentions”, Journal of Services Marketing (ABS 2), Vol. 27 No. 4, pp.322 – 333.
  • Gounaris S. and Tzempelikos N. (2013) “Key Account Management Orientation and its Implications – A Conceptual and Empirical Examination”, Journal of Business to Business Marketing (ABS 2), Vol.20 pp.33-50.
  • Gounaris S. and Koritos C. (2012) “Adoption of Technologically-Based Innovations: The Neglected Role of Bounded Rationality”, Journal of Product Innovation Management, Vol. 29 no. 5, pp. 821-38 (Impact Factor 2.65; ABS 4).
  • Papastathopoulou P., Gounaris S. and Avlonitis G. (2012) “The service elimination decision-making during the service life cycle: Some pilot empirical evidence”, European Journal of Marketing Vol.46 No6, pp. 844-74 (Impact Factor 0.71; ABS 3).
  • Gounaris S. Vassilikopoulou K. and Chatzipanagiotou K. “Internal-Market Orientation: A Misconceived Aspect of Marketing Theory” European Journal of Marketing 2010, vol.44 nos 11/12, pp. 1667-1699 (Impact Factor 0.71; ABS 3).