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    The European Marketing Confederation (EMC) is Europe's largest marketing membership organisation, helping to expand professional marketing networks across Europe and beyond.

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  2. Find European accredited marketing courses

    The European Marketing Confederation Qualification and Certification Framework (EMCQ) provides marketers with access to accredited courses and qualifications, recognised throughout Europe.

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    EMC member associations access the latest marketing research and trends through our expert Academic Group which translates technical, marketing research into short, easy to understand articles for the everyday marketer.

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About EMC

The European Marketing Confederation (EMC) is one of Europe’s largest marketing membership organisations, representing marketing, sales and communication associations across Europe, and beyond.

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Membership Benefits

EMC works with marketing member associations across Europe, to share best practice in marketing, sales and communication, monitoring the latest developments in the profession, and helping marketers to expand their networks.

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European Marketing Qualifications

The European Marketing Confederation Qualification and Certification Framework (EMCQ) gives marketers the opportunity to achieve accredited qualifications that are recognised throughout Europe.

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