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    The Hellenic Institute of Marketing (HIM)


The Hellenic Institute of Marketing (HIM) is the oldest institute of the Hellenic Management Association (HMA) in Greece, bringing together people active in the field of Marketing, who believe in the improvement of the role which marketing plays in the country’s economic and social life.

Members of HIM work systematically towards these aims, through a variety of services and activities including education, knowledge sharing and networking.


The HMA offers various educational programmes with a special focus on the field of marketing.

  • Postgraduate programme: Chartered Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing (The Chartered Institute of Marketing)
  • Certified programmes: CAM – Diploma in Digital Marketing (The Chartered Institute of Marketing)
  • Open seminars: Consolidated Marketing Programme, Key Account Management, Social Media Workshop, Basic Principles of e-Business and Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization & Marketing, Mobile Marketing

HIM provides marketers with additional resources such as newsletters, white papers, case studies and seminars, workshops and company visits.

  • Marketing resources: EIM on Marketing – This is the bimonthly electronic newsletter sent to all members of HIM
  • Marketing Leadership Series: this involves the sharing of papers with insights by marketing leaders

HIM has over 800 members and hosts over 10 major events every year, including:

  • Events and workshops: Marketing Matters – These are educational events, organised with a view to transferring knowledge about modern developments in the field of marketing
  • Marketing Success Stories: this has been organised since 2012, to share best practice among Greek marketers
  • Marketing for Growth: a special event to present HIM members with the latest information on growth opportunities in the Greek market, scheduled to take place in May 2014
  • Visits to companies and participation in events that have a particular significance for student-members, organised by the Student Coordinating Committee

HIM is also responsible for organising a variety of awards, including:

  • Awards: Marketing Excellence Awards – A biannual competition to promote and reward achievements in marketing, with the cooperation of the Greek Marketing Academy and the support of the Hellenic Association of Advertising-Communication Agencies, the Hellenic Advertisers Association and the Association of Greek Market and Opinion Research Companies.
  • EFFIE Awards: marketing communication awards given annually by the Hellenic Association of Advertising-Communication Agencies, in collaboration with HIM, the Hellenic Advertisers Association and the Association of Greek Market and Opinion Research Companies.
  • European Marketing Excellence Awards: HIM will be hosting this pan-European event in 2014


There are a variety of different types of members at HIM including:

  • Middle and top managers who are actively involved in marketing positions
  • Researchers and consultants involved in Marketing
  • Professors and scientists of Educational Institutions involved in teaching and research in the field of Marketing
  • Graduate students of Higher and Professional Technical Education Institutions


  • Networking and Exchange of Knowledge and Experience: Members of HIM from the exchange of knowledge between marketing peers
    Access to a variety of events, conferences, debates and round table discussions dealing with the contemporary issues of Marketing Management
  • Ability to take part in the election of the “Manager of the Year” which acknowledges and rewards top managers, who lead their businesses in the most effective way
  • Regular updates and the opportunity to share the Knowledge and Learning with peers
  • Access to professional and periodical publications distributed regularly and free of charge
  • Access to a comprehensive library, as well as to research outcomesCertification for attending events and seminars
  • Ability to access the Post-Graduate and Certified Programs
  • Access to CMO Community: a small community reserved for top-level CMOs, to enhance networking and the exchange of comments about top-quality marketing strategies

Publications: Manager Magazine: a monthly publication on all functions of management, addressed to members of the Hellenic Management Association, including articles on marketing issues, as well as illustrated presentations of HIM’s activities