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  1. European School of Business (ESB)


The European Business School (ESB) is the organisation responsible for integrating a set of European business standards in Georgia and the Caucasus.

We do this through an extensive programme of education and training, which is based on the practical application of European and international standards in modern business.

Our training programme includes a variety of business training modules. Including:

  • Strategic marketing and sales
  • Finance
  • Time management
  • Project management and leadership
  • Human resources management
  • Personal/professional development

Methods of teaching

Recognising the different ways in which people learn, our education programme is based on the knowledge, skills and attitudes (KSA) learning model, which allows for full involvement in the learning process.


The European Business School represents an invaluable resource for its members, to learn about business and marketing management, in line with European standards.

With a variety of EMC accredited marketing managers on their training programme, ESB students can benefit from a high standard of training, whilst also gaining access to a wider pan-European network of marketing professionals and marketing best practice.


For more information about the courses and content available from ESB, click here.